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Water Damage Restoration Services

When a large flood, hurricane, or worse hits a home, there can be a lot of water damage restoration needed after the event has passed. Returning the home or property back to its original condition can be a long process, depending on the extent of the damage.

Water damage restoration is not an overnight job, nor is it something that can be regarded as simple D-I-Y. Often the true scale of the damage cannot be seen, and a lot of structural damage and weakness, if not correctly dealt with, can cause significant risk for the future.

It is wise therefore to choose a professional company who follows procedural standards, such as the IICRC S500 standard.

This is not an official government procedure, as there are not currently any official standards for water damage restoration, however the S500 is based on a substantial amount of research, experience, and general reliable restoration standards established by various communities, trade associations, and scientists within the industry.

Once they have done a full survey of the damage, one of these professional services will give a quote based on industry standards and the pricing models for the various affected materials. By using one of these services you can therefore feel assured that you are going to be getting reasonable price rates and equally assured that they are going to do a quality restoration job.

The task at hand is, as mentioned above, a large one. After assessment of the property, the service would then begin the restoration process. This involves drying out the affect materials, using equipment such as air movers, dryers, dehumidifiers and over wood drying machines.

There are a lot of purpose-built machines and devices that will do a thorough job of drying out the affected materials. This whole process might take two to three days to complete.

If the water itself has not come from a clean source, there will be an additional sanitation process. Typically a lot of house contents will be sanitized and deodorized in order to get them back to a usable state.

This whole drying, sanitizing and restoration process is no small task and requires a lot of experience and expertise to know whether or not the job has been completely sufficiently.

Completing the task too early, before everything is completely dry can be disastrous from the long run, which is why it is fully recommended to use professional services, or where not available, seek consultation advice from experts.

Water Damage Restoration Is Needed After A Flood

Areas of the country that are known to flood require home owners and commercial property owners to purchase flood insurance. Flood insurance insures that a property owner will be able to have their home repaired correctly not cause a health hazard or leave neighborhoods with dozens of homes that are in disrepair.
I’m sure you have watched the news and have seem the damage to towns after a flood or hurricane, it looks quite scary and overwhelming. One of the key things that is done after such events is to bring in water damage restoration companies.
Water damage restoration companies are professionals who have expertise in remedying water damage. There’s a lot that goes into making a home safe after a flood or serious storm. After these disasters, you have to worry about dangerous mold forming because of the water, you have to worry about the water rotting the would and making it unable to support the house.
You also have to worry about all the things that are in your home. Your electronics and furniture are likely to be damaged or destroyed. These professionals can help you make your home safe to occupy and they can make this happen faster than if you were to go at it alone.
One of the most important things that homeowners have to deal with is removing water from their home. If water is allowed to sit for too long it will cause a host of problems that are difficult to remedy. These problems can even make the house inhabitable.
Buying a house is such a status symbol and sign of progress that no one wants to see their hard work destroyed by water damaged. This is why water damage restoration companies are so important. They can often help you prevent these serious problems from happening and they know how to repair water damage and return your home to like new.
As you can see water damage is dangerous and destructive. It can completely destroy a house and leave you homeless. Water damage can cause mold to grow and it can cause your house to rot from water damage. Because this is such a serious condition, there are companies who specialize in fixing water damage, Water damage restoration professionals are great at their job and they are a great asset to have when floods, storms, plumbing issues and other water issues occur.


Top Tips For Quick And Easy Flood Damage Restoration

People who live in flood plains my have to deal with flood damage restoration on a regular basis. These areas flood seasonally, and it becomes necessary to stay prepared and be ready to act quickly when flooding occurs. Here are a few solid tips to help you make quick work of your flood cleanup and restoration.
In your basement or other areas in your home that may tend to flood, be sure to unplug major appliances well in advance of predicted flooding. This tip could save your life if you have to walk through standing water.  If you need flooded basement cleanup restoration make sure they are IICRC certified.
Keep lots of cleaning supplies at the ready so that you can tackle your flood damage immediately. This can make a big difference. Owning your own, powerful wet/dry vac and installing a sump pump in your basement are also smart moves that will make flood damage restoration simpler.
Be careful about approaching flood damage cleanup. In addition to electrical hazards, flood waters can present hazards in terms of mold and bacteria. Be certain you wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and a HEPA filter mask when performing flood restoration cleanup.
After you have finished cleaning, be sure to dry the area as quickly as possible by setting up fans to keep air circulating. This will help prevent the growth of black mold.
Watch Out for Unexpected Hazards In Flood Water
In cases of severe flooding, be extremely cautious or completely avoid entering deep flood waters. Bacteria and chemicals borne in floodwater can cause skin irritation and damage. Additionally, there may be hidden hazards under the water such as sharp metal or glass or uneven footing that could cause a fall. Remember that drowning is always a hazard around water.
In addition to these hazards, some areas have problems with displaced wildlife after flooding. Be on the lookout for mammals, rodents and even poisonous snakes.
Documentation Is An Often Overlooked Part Of Flood Damage Restoration
Be sure to keep photos of your home and personal property on file so that you will always have a good record. In the event your home and personal property are damaged or destroyed, you will want to have proof to present your insurance company and/or disaster assistance agencies.
If disaster strikes, be sure to document all steps of your flood damage restoration process by taking pictures and/or videos each step of the way. If you buy supplies to deal with the flooding or hire someone to help you clean up, be sure to keep your receipts for possible reimbursement.